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Why Ascension?

First-hand experience

We're not just investors; our team is made up of practised entrepreneurs who have lived the startup journey. The result? An eye for promising ideas and the know-how to scale them. Expect more than funding; we offer a holistic partnership based on years of experience.

Impact and returns first

At Ascension, we invest with purpose. We back startups aiming to solve real societal challenges and are committed to building a tech ecosystem in which innovation drives both economic growth and social good. Our belief is that true value generation is rooted in impact, and our portfolio reflects that.

More than capital

Our support extends far beyond financial investment. Ascension provides founders with a robust network of mentors and a wealth of opportunities for growth, from events to introductions. We're here to guide you at every step, providing resources, insights, and connections to propel startups forward.

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Our Team

Relentlessly dedicated to finding the UK’s best startups.

We believe in building an inclusive, community-driven team whose expertise and dedication will benefit the tech ecosystem at large. We strive to work with conviction, integrity, humour, and humility.

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