Tax-smart solutions that make a difference

At Ascension, we can help you provide your clients with tax-efficient solutions that make a meaningful difference. With a focus on backing impact-driven tech businesses, our (S)EIS funds enable individuals to invest both wisely and purposefully.


Tax Efficient Review

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Why invest with Ascension?

There are a number of ​​scenarios in which tax-efficient investments can help you meet the needs of your clients. These include:

  • Reducing tax bills, especially for high-rate taxpayers
  • Managing capital gains tax liability
  • Landlords investing rental income for retirement
  • Business owners seeking tax-efficient investments
  • Diversifying for capital growth
  • Supporting innovation in the UK
  • Mitigating inheritance tax liabilities
  • Alternative for those exceeding pension allowances

Our funds

Tax-efficient funds

Our (S)EIS and syndicate funds aim to deliver tax-free capital growth to investors via a diversified portfolio of early-stage tech businesses.

Ascension Blended SEIS Fund

One of the most established SEIS funds in the market, comprising a portfolio of 10-12 tech companies raising up to £2m.

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Ascension EIS Fund

Evergreen EIS fund (quarterly closes) focusing on tech companies with early product-market fit raising up to £4m.

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Ascension Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund

An HMRC-approved fund focusing on knowledge-intensive technology companies raising up to £4m.

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Carry Back EIS Fund

Designed for investors and advisers seeking 'carry back' within the current tax year, whilst building a diversified portfolio of businesses.

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Fair By Design Impact EIS Fund

Co-invests in tech companies working to reduce the Poverty Premium alongside Ascension's institutional fund.

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