Ascension Syndicate

The Ascension Syndicate allows angel investors and family offices to co-invest in hand-picked, high-potential businesses alongside Ascension. Whilst the Syndicate is sector-agnostic, all investments align with our overall values at Ascension. Sectors of interest include FinTech, B2B SaaS, Climate and Life Sciences.

Why join the Syndicate?

Since 2015, we’ve built a portfolio of 180+ pioneering tech companies and have participated in some of the UK’s most notable seed-stage deals. By joining the Syndicate, you’ll have the chance to co-invest in these exciting opportunities.

  • A strong track record
    As one of the leading UK early stage investors, Ascension reviews over 4,000 business opportunities every year. Our experienced team is well-positioned to select and support those with the most potential, and we’ve achieved twelve exits to date.
  • A valuable network
    As a member of the Syndicate, you’ll be part of an active and high-quality community of founders, family offices, and angels. Our regular events offer the chance to build connections, share knowledge, and seek out new opportunities.
  • A mutual partnership
    Working together with Ascension, there may be additional opportunities for Ascension and/or the Syndicate to co-invest alongside angels in their personal portfolio companies.

Ticket sizes range from £5,000 to £300,000+, with the average investment size being c.£25,000.

Recent investments

In 2023, the Ascension Syndicate invested in 12 companies, 50% of which were co-investments alongside Ascension.

These include startups in a wide variety of industries—from synthetic DNA production (NunaBio) to fraud detection technology (Homeppl).

“I’ve known the Ascension team for a number of years and have invested through the syndicate on four occasions. The quality of the deals that they send through is always high with credible founders.”

Angel Investor