Investment with purpose

Ascension is one of the leading UK seed investors, having participated in some of the UK’s most exciting deals alongside high-calibre angels and VCs.
We’re particularly focused on backing impact businesses that are leveraging the power of technology to solve the world’s biggest problems.

A solid track record

As a go-to early-stage investor for tech and purpose-driven UK entrepreneurs, our team gets a first look at over 4,000 investment opportunities every year. Our experienced team of business operators are well-placed to know which early-stage businesses to back and provide the support they need to scale.

Since 2015, we have invested in over 150 startups across our (S)EIS & institutional funds. With over £100m under management and twelve exits to date, Ascension is one of the top 10 most active London VCs over the past decade (Beauhurst) and was UKBAA’s Seed VC of the Year in 2022.

Tax-efficient funds

Our (S)EIS and syndicate funds aim to deliver tax-free capital growth to investors via a diversified portfolio of early-stage tech businesses.

Ascension Blended SEIS Fund

One of the most established SEIS funds in the market, comprising a portfolio of 10-12 tech companies raising up to £2m.

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Ascension EIS Fund

Evergreen EIS fund (quarterly closes) focusing on tech companies with early product-market fit raising up to £4m.

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Ascension Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund

An HMRC-approved fund focusing on knowledge-intensive technology companies raising up to £4m.

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Carry Back EIS Fund

Designed for investors and advisers seeking 'carry back' within the current tax year, whilst building a diversified portfolio of businesses.

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Fair By Design Impact EIS Fund

Co-invests in tech companies working to reduce the Poverty Premium alongside Ascension's institutional fund.

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Institutional funds

Our institutional funds back impact-driven tech businesses addressing some of the UK’s biggest social issues, including the Poverty Premium, childhood obesity, and the cost-of-living crisis.

Ascension Fund III

Backs scalable impact businesses alleviating the cost of living crisis by focusing on new work, financial inclusion, and access to better health.

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Fair By Design Fund

Focuses on tech businesses reducing the poverty premium by lowering living costs, increasing accessibility, and fixing market failures.

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Good Food Fund

Invests in companies with business models that make healthier food options more accessible to families on lower incomes.

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Ascension Syndicate

The Ascension Syndicate allows angel investors and family offices to co-invest in hand-picked, high-potential businesses alongside Ascension.

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How do I apply for funding?

To apply for funding with Ascension, follow this link and fill in the form that follows.

Do you lead or follow rounds?

We can lead rounds or follow alongside other funds or angel investors.

What stages of investment do you offer?

Ascension runs a number of funds investing at varying stages from Pre-Seed to Series A+:

  • Ascension Blended SEIS Fund: Pre-Seed
  • Ascension EIS Fund: Seed to Seed+
  • Fair By Design Impact EIS: Seed to Series A+
  • Ascension Knowledge Intensive EIS: Seed to Seed+
  • Carry Back EIS Fund: Seed to Series A+
  • Fair By Design Fund: Pre-Seed to Seed+
  • Good Food Fund: Pre-Seed to Seed
  • Ascension Fund III: Pre-Seed to Seed+

Which geographies do you invest in?

Ascension’s tax-efficient funds currently only invest in UK businesses.

Ascension’s Fund III will be investing in the UK, Europe, and North America.

What support do you give founders?

In addition to providing funding and sharing our business expertise, we offer our portfolio companies practical support to help you drive the growth you’re looking for. This includes inviting you to regular networking and knowledge-sharing events, connecting you with relevant industry figures, and providing discounts on essential business services. We can also connect you to our vast network of mentors and venture partners, who can support you throughout your journey.

What is Ascension’s typical cheque size?

The typical investment amount varies depending on the specific fund, but it generally ranges between £75k and £700k. For more detailed information, visit the individual fund pages.

What does the investment process involve?

Once you submit your deck, you’ll undergo multiple interviews with our investment team. We’ll conduct thorough due diligence before deciding whether to invest.