Pioneering value creation through impact

At Ascension, our core conviction is clear and unwavering: true value generation is rooted in impact. We go beyond the norms of traditional investment strategies, firmly believing that this is the ‘decade of purpose’ and that mission-driven founders are set to outperform.

Our commitment is clearly reflected in our pioneering funds: the Fair By Design fund, which tackles the Poverty Premium (the extra cost that lower-income households pay to access basic services and products), and Ascension Fund III, which focuses on addressing social inequalities.

Harnessing lived experiences

Our investment strategy is firmly rooted in the genuine insights gleaned from real-world lived experiences. This methodology enhances our decision-making process and aligns our investments with enterprises that truly reflect and address the challenges they aim to solve.

The authenticity at the core of our approach guarantees that our investments are both practical and essential. We focus on businesses that demonstrate their offerings to those with first-hand experience in the relevant fields, ensuring a deep understanding and relevance of their solutions

Elevating mission-driven entrepreneurs

We believe mission-driven entrepreneurs are the vanguard of the business world. They attract and hire the finest talent, garner heightened attention from corporates, consumers, and governments, and possess a profound understanding of their mission from the outset. It’s these elements that propel them to outperform in the market.

Our vision: A new paradigm of success

Our vision at Ascension VC is clear: to redefine success in the tech world where impact and innovation are inseparable. We’re committed to forging a future where technology is more than just a tool for economic gain; it’s a catalyst for creating a world that’s not only prosperous but also fair and equitable for all.

Together, let’s embrace this decade of purpose, propelling meaningful progress in the areas that matter most.