Tax-Efficient Funds

Ascension is an experienced (S)EIS fund manager with a strong track record and multiple exits. Our (S)EIS and syndicate funds aim to deliver tax-free capital growth to investors via a diversified portfolio of early-stage tech businesses.

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Tax-Efficient Funds

Ascension Blended SEIS Fund

One of the most established SEIS funds in the market, comprising a portfolio of 10-12 tech companies raising up to £2m.

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Ascension EIS Fund

Evergreen EIS fund (quarterly closes) focusing on tech companies with early product-market fit raising up to £4m.

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Ascension Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund

An HMRC-approved fund focusing on knowledge-intensive technology companies raising up to £4m.

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Carry Back EIS Fund

Designed for investors and advisers seeking 'carry back' within the current tax year, whilst building a diversified portfolio of businesses.

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Fair By Design Impact EIS Fund

Co-invests in tech companies working to reduce the Poverty Premium alongside Ascension's institutional fund.

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Tax efficient investing

Benefits of (S)EIS Investing

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) in the UK offers tax reliefs to investors who buy new shares in small, high-risk trading companies. Benefits include:

Income Tax Relief

Investors can claim back up to 30% of the value of their investment in the form of income tax relief. For instance, if you invest £100,000, you can potentially reduce your income tax bill by £30,000

Capital Gains Tax Exemption

If you hold the shares for at least three years, any profit you make when the shares are sold is exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

Loss Relief

If the company fails, you can offset the loss against your Income Tax bill or Capital Gains Tax, depending on your individual circumstances. This can mitigate the financial risk.

Inheritance Tax Relief

EIS investments are generally free from Inheritance Tax after two years of holding the shares.

Carry Back Facility

Investors have the option to ‘carry back’ their investment to the previous tax year. This allows you to apply the tax relief to that year’s tax bill, which can be particularly beneficial if you had a higher tax liability in the previous year.

Investment Limits

The maximum investment eligible for tax relief is £1 million per tax year, which can increase to £2 million if at least £1 million is invested in knowledge-intensive companies.

Qualifying Companies

To qualify for EIS, companies must meet specific criteria, such as being a UK-based company, not listed on a recognised stock exchange, and having gross assets of no more than £15 million before the investment.

EIS is designed to help smaller, higher-risk companies raise finance by offering tax reliefs to investors and, at the same time, provides significant tax benefits to those willing to invest in these companies. However, it’s crucial to remember that EIS investments are risky, and investors should consider this alongside the tax advantages