Heatio – Empowering Homes with Sustainable Energy

Heatio - Empowering Homes with Sustainable Energy

Iulia Tudor

27 Jun 2024

Heatio’s mission is to finance the future by enabling consumers to overcome the initial capital costs associated with adopting low-carbon technologies for their homes. This ensures that implementing sustainable and lower cost energy solutions is within financial reach for everyone.  

Strength of the team

The team strikes a perfect balance of mission-driven focus and diverse skills, backed by their deep industry experience founding a previous energy company. Their commitment to creating a consumer-led product that addresses real pain points sets them apart. By solving consumer issues and lowering adoption barriers, they differentiate themselves from other solutions we’ve explored, which can be very product focussed without tackling the consumer cost/uptake angle.

The Market

The UK home energy market is shifting towards sustainability and tech-driven solutions, fueled by government incentives, rising energy prices, and growing environmental awareness. Despite the renewable energy industry’s growth, challenges persist with energy costs and deployment speed, as UK residential properties account for 40% of emissions. Heatio aims to accelerate the installation of heat pumps and other low-carbon technologies tailored to each property’s thermal profile, enabling customers to achieve fuel efficiencies and savings more quickly.

The market potential in the UK alone is enormous, with a total addressable market (TAM) of £18.8bn and a serviceable available market (SAM) of £2.9bn. Additionally, Heatio has ambitions to expand internationally, with discussions already underway with partners in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Its impact and growth

Heatio sets itself apart in the energy management sector through its whole-home approach and consumer-centric model. Unlike competitors that focus on a single renewable vertical or require behaviour changes, Heatio connects multiple home devices to provide advanced appliance optimization and grid balancing services on a single platform, Heatio Flexx. This approach leverages smart metre data and IoT technology, making it more scalable and effective. Partnerships with industry giants like E.ON and Blackrock further enhance their distribution capabilities and financing options, allowing for greater reach and customer acquisition.

Moreover, Heatio’s strategy is built on integrating a wide range of products from partners such as the likes of Samsung and Panasonic, creating a comprehensive and holistic solution. This integration ensures Heatio meets the varied needs of homeowners, reducing barriers to accessing renewable energy and generating significant energy savings. By focusing on the consumer and providing a seamless, scalable solution, Heatio is well-positioned to lead the market and foster substantial growth while delivering tangible benefits to its users.


Heatio will be able to accelerate the adoption and affordability of decentralised renewable sources of energy, thereby enabling lower energy costs in an environment where the cost of living, including energy costs, are soaring for families, especially those on low income. Increased access and affordability of renewable energy supply and management will contribute to reducing social inequalities.