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Barney Worfolk Smith

Traditional media & comms, although still important, is waning in the influence it has to make people feel differently about a brand or buy their stuff. Increasingly, brands will need to decide who they are, what they stand for and what their tone of voice will be in environments where their potential customers are hanging out.

Wading in with traditional advertising messaging can be irrelevant and a waste of marketing spend. On the other hand, authentic experiences which make customers notice and share not only have a long lasting effect brand wise, but are proven to sell more stuff.

This is what I’ve been doing and am continuing to do collaboratively with brands and agencies, with the written word, image, video and everything new that turns up. Specialties: Social Content, Insight, Thought Leadership, Revenue Generation, Executive Production, Digital Distribution, Branded Content, Online Video, Contract Negotiation, Digital Sales, Product Development, Online Publishing, Business Development.