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The Future of AI: Will OpenAI make a deal with Apple? 

Rakesh Murria

29 May 2024

As you may know from our monthly newsletter, AI is a topic that excites me greatly. I’ve covered various subjects from the ‘chip wars’ to the latest advancements in AI, and my passion for this field even led me to purchase a Tesla!

This week, the significant developments in AI have pointed towards a transformative direction. OpenAI is leading the charge, aiming to integrate AI seamlessly into our daily lives, much like a personal assistant or companion. Like Her, (see also last week’s Scarlet Johansson drama on this) OpenAI envisions an AI that is constantly with you, assisting you throughout the day. 

So in the last two weeks we’ve seen:

Open AI – Consumer focused assistant, announced, pretty much to spike google with no launch date announced.

Google – They might be the OPEC of compute power for AI, and they made one of the biggest changes they’ve ever done on search, with AI summarised results, but when you play with the crown jewels. Don’t get it wrong.

Finally, Microsoft who basically decided to build a whole new generation of quality laptops directly benchmarked against Apple, with AI literally in anything.

Now, it’s going to be Apple’s turn, with rumours swirling of a potential collaboration between OpenAI and Apple to replace Siri with a more advanced AI assistant. 

Are we going to get a completely new way to interact with our devices—your watch, phone, and iPad could all become parallel streams feeding into a unified AI, providing personalised assistance around the clock, and running on hardware that for 8 years has had the bedrock of AI silicon, neural network chipsets, on their devices.

One the one hand, the bar is pretty low. Who asks Siri to do anything other than set an alarm or play music these days? On the other hand, Google, Open AI and Microsoft have laid down a marker of what they plan to do.

Now we just need to see what products actually ship.

Hopefully, you find these developments as exciting as I do. As these tech giants continue to innovate, we can expect even more exciting developments in the AI landscape. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here to hear more of my AI thoughts!