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Remy Minute

21 Dec 2023

At Ascension, our Knowledge Intensive EIS Fund (“KI Fund”) is a testament to our commitment to fostering high-potential tech startups. We strategically select 10 companies, focusing on those poised to make significant strides in their respective fields. Our fund aims to fill the crucial funding gap between Seed and Series A rounds, focusing on technology-driven businesses with promising scalability.

Our Investment Philosophy

We co-invest with top-tier institutional VCs in ‘late seed’ stage companies, assessing them on the merits of team strength, technological innovation, and market potential.

Criteria for Ascension’s Investment

A successful investment for us hinges on a team’s deep understanding of their domain, alongside their commercial acumen. We look for balanced teams, ideally with co-founders skilled in both business and technology. The underlying technology’s quality and its market competitiveness are also pivotal in our decision-making process, along with a scalable business model with global reach.

Delving into Our Portfolio (a sample)

Tembo: A Leap Towards Affordable Housing

Our investment in Tembo was driven by the urgent need for innovative solutions in the housing market. Their unique lending model addresses the affordability crisis for first-time buyers. We were particularly impressed by their approach to leveraging family assets to assist buyers, which we believe can fundamentally transform the housing finance landscape. The potential of their proprietary technology and strategic partnerships was a key factor in our decision.

Honest Mobile: Pioneering Change in Telecom

The decision to invest in Honest Mobile stemmed from their innovative approach to solving long standing issues in the telecommunications industry. Their use of eSIM technology and a user-centric app that provides comprehensive coverage and affordable roaming solutions is groundbreaking. Their commitment to sustainability and transparent customer relations aligns with our vision of supporting businesses that are not only profitable, but also drive positive change.

HURR: Redefining Fashion Sustainability

HURR’s approach to sustainable fashion through a luxury rental model caught our attention. Their business model, which addresses the environmental impact of fashion while catering to changing consumer preferences, is innovative and timely. The ability of their platform to create a network effect, expanding the lifecycle of fashion products and reducing waste, aligns with our focus on sustainable and scalable business models.

Captur: Transforming Operational Efficiency with AI

Captur’s investment appeal lies in their innovative use of AI to streamline processes in the mobility industry, with potential applications across various sectors. Their AI-driven platform’s ability to adapt to specific user needs and provide real-time, actionable insights is particularly compelling. We see immense potential in their roadmap for expansion and believe Captur can become a key player in AI-driven operational management.

As we move forward with our investments in innovative companies, we maintain our conviction that thoughtful investments can contribute positively to the future. Through our KI Fund, we are excited to support the growth of these companies, contributing to a future where innovation is aligned with meaningful impact.